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Powdered silk comforts and protects the skin in damp, cold and dry weather creating a feeling of warmth. 
The silk proteins support collagen production and the skins natural rejuvenation process.
Rose extracts from eight different natural rose sources tone and firm with natural tannins and protective anti-oxidants.
Jojoba oil, pomegranate seed oil and argan oil are particularly helpful for mature skin helping to maintain moisture in the cells and protecting against its loss.
Rose hip seed oil and tamanu oil are nutrient rich helping regenerate and repair damaged and weathered skin
Apricot kernel oil and almond oil create a rich moisture-locking layer without clogging pores while sesame oil is our carrier of herbal infusions.
Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian philosopher and seer (d. 1924) described silk as ‘sunlight woven into matter’. Inspired, we add this woven sunlight in the form of pure powdered silk to every jar of Rose & Silk cream.

Rose Silk Protein Facial Cream

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