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Rose essential oil is made by extracting Rosa damascena, and researchers have uncovered that it contains several therapeutic compounds known to promote healing in the body:

Citronellol – effective mosquito repellant (also found in citronella).
Citral – strong antimicrobial that is necessary for vitamin A synthesis (also found in lemon myrtle and lemongrass).
Carvone – effective digestive aid (also found in caraway and dill).
Citronellyl Acetate – responsible for the pleasant flavor and aroma of roses, which is why it’s used in many skin and beauty products.
Eugenol – powerhouse behind clove, the richest antioxidant in the world.
Farnesol – natural pesticide (also found in orange blossom, jasmine and ylang-ylang).
Methyl Eugenol – local antiseptic and anesthetic (also found in cinnamon and lemon balm).
Nerol – sweet-smelling aromatic antibiotic compound (also found in lemongrass and hops).
Phenyl Acetaldehyde – another sweet-smelling and aromatic compound (also found in chocolate).

Rose Essential Oil 10ml

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