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Strengthens & protects hair structure and promotes hair growth
Helps to remove dandruff & the reasons for its occurence.
Soothes & calms itchy scalp. Helps remove build up from other hair-care products
Prevents adverse environmental impacts on the hair-roots & shaft
Many users of Propolis Shampoo claim it prevents hair-loss
Propolis Shampoo strengthens hair, helps to promote hair growth and prevents adverse environmental impacts on the roots & hair-shaft. The presence of honey-bee propolis in the shampoo helps to remove dandruff and the reasons for its occurrence. The shampoo ingredients have antiseptic properties which help with scalp-skin problems and have soothing, anti-itching effects on irritated, dry or flaking scalp. Honey-Bee Propolis helps make hair shinier and stronger, strengthening the structure of the hair and protecting it against the elements. (Propolis has sealant properties). It has antibacterial properties that many people find effective for treating scalp infect

Propolis Shampoo

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